These are my confessions (like Usher)

Dear anonymous readers,

I would like to first and foremost thank you for taking time out of your very hectic procrastination schedule to read my blog.  My number 1 confession is that I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to blog.  I do know how to ramble about pretty unimportant things that happen in my life, so there’s a start, I guess.  Another confession is that I’m currently going insane because although I leave for Copenhagen in exactly 1 week (EEEKKKKKK), I still don’t know where I’m living.  The program that I’m studying with, Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), is taking care of my housing but I haven’t received my placement.  A third confession is that I’m literally dreading packing.  For the past week, my room has been an explosion of clothing and objects that I pretend exist in some sort of order and I occasionally pick them up and rearrange them.  This is not productive.

Okay, now that I got those off my chest, I guess I should explain a little bit more about my program.  At DIS, you take a “core course” and then lots of elective courses.  The core course includes a study tour with your class for a week!  My core course is European Sustainable Development and my study tour is to Amsterdam/Rotterdam.  Super excited for that.  The other classes I’m signed up for are…..

Hans Christian Andersen and the Danish Golden Age

Designing Communication Campaigns

Behavioral Economics: European Case Studies

and Danish Language and Culture I

I’m also signed up for an “adventure trip” to the coast of Portugal for a week of surfing in late May. I’ve never ever tried surfing before so that should be….fun.

I’m spending the next week trying to pack, shopping, and saying the rest of my goodbyes.  But mostly watching all 4 seasons of Sons of Anarchy that are on Netflix.


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