Short Study Tour Recap

In a word, my short study tour was cheesy.  Literally.  We visited both an organic dairy and a cave where cheese is stored and had numerous samples at both locations.

Thursday morning at 6:20am, my core class, European Sustainable Development, left Copenhagen on a bus headed to Western Denmark.  The overall experience was amazing and exhausting.  I think it’s easiest to explain the rest of the adventure through pictures:

Early morning hike to see the pre-viking burial mounds with my professor.Image

Joanna and I wearing hairnets on a tour of Thise Organic Dairy.Image

A wonderful wine and “cave cheese” tasting in a cave.  Image

A view of the fjord and the bed & breakfast we stayed in our first night in Western Denmark.Image

The Danish flag flying over the bed & breakfast as the sun rises.Image

Organic cheese samples at Thise Organic DairyImage

“Hurricane Party,” a piece of art from our visit to ARoS museum in AarhusImage

Walking out to the Wave Star machine at the Danish Wave Energy CenterImage

“Boy,” at ARoS museum

more ARoS art

My classmates hauling willow trees at an Eco Village we toured and volunteered at near Aarhus.Image

Cows behind the bed & breakfast

Learning about solar power at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable EnergyImage

The Rainbow sculpture atop ARoS856572_4432521214555_306359952_o

Classmates and I in the Rainbow843061_4432522934598_2024941935_o

Windmills are abundant in Western Denmark.



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