Danish Language and Culture

If you are a prospective or future DIS student wondering whether or not it is worth taking the “Danish Language and Culture” course that DIS offers, watch this video. My favorite part of the course is the Danish music videos that my professor shows us to start each class.  This was today’s video.  If this doesn’t convince you to take Danish, I’m not sure what will.

In all seriousness, taking Danish is definitely something I would recommend to all DIS students.  My friends who chose not to take it are constantly expressing their regret when, for example, they don’t recognize the words “do not enter” posted on a door and embarrassingly wrestle with it in front of a group of Danes.  If you want to be well-informed about the history, culture, and language of the country you’re trying to make your home, take Danish Language and Culture.  It just makes sense!

p.s. If you are my grandmother, don’t watch this video.


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