“When the weather gets better…”

“In the summertime…”
“When it warms up…”
Any spring student studying in Copenhagen can verify that Danish people LOVE to start sentences with some variation of the above quotes.  My visiting family mother has said it when talking about a cute village she wanted to show me.  Tour guides always say it when pointing out any attraction along the harbor (in particular the “beach” area of the harbor that is open for swimmers…in the summer, of course).  My friends and I even say it to each other when planning day trips or expressing our desire to walk around the park with a bottle of wine.
The Danes speak with a hopeful reassurance that the weather will eventually warm up and Copenhagen will be even more enjoyable than it is now.  They aren’t being negative about the current temperatures (today it was cloudy, right around freezing, and snow/raining all day) but are instead looking forward to the future.  The way they think about weather is a perfect example of why Danish people are known as the happiest people in the world.  While we Americans are (constantly) complaining that it isn’t warm yet, the Danes are thinking about how lovely the city will be when it is warm.  As I have discussed in almost every class (and seen the 60 minutes documentary on the Danes twice), Danish people are “happier” because they have different expectations than Americans.
For now, I’m still adjusting to the cold…and looking forward to jumping in the harbor in May, regardless of the temperature.


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