Following the Danes

Yesterday, I was sitting on the S tog en route to my visiting family’s house for lunch when an announcement was made over the speakers.  I didn’t think much of it, partly because the announcement was in Danish, and partly because I was absorbed in Mercy, the novel I’m currently reading for Scandinavian Crime Fiction.  What did catch my attention was when every person on my train hustled out the doors, literally sprinted across the platform, and dove onto the opposite train.  Having no idea if this was a typical Danish procedure, a large-scale prank, or a serious safety matter, I blindly followed everyone on my train, making it onto the opposite train just as the doors closed.

After making it safely to my family’s house, I told them about my commuting experience over coffee and tea.  They explained that the trains had been having electrical problems recently, and the announcement probably told everyone to switch trains due to repairs. It turned out to be a pretty mundane story, but at the time, I had no idea what was going on. I just followed the crowd of Danes.

Speaking of following the Danes, last night we had a special guest at our Green House dinner.  She is a self-proclaimed expert dumpster diver. Dumpster diving is exactly what it sounds like: picking through grocery store and bakery dumpsters at night for salvageable free food.  Dumpster diving seems to be more prevalent in Copenhagen than in American cities.  We had a very interesting discussion over dinner about the moral, social, and ecological implications of dumpster diving and food waste.  After dinner, the expert took a small group of us out for some experiential learning.  Although I did not get to join the mission, I was able to reap the benefits.

Here is some of last night’s haul
photo (7)

Here are some pictures I took while walking around my neighborhood on Tuesday when the sun was shining.
photo (9) photo (8)

I’m off to Prague for the weekend! As excited as I am to explore, I am definitely going to miss Copenhagen.


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