Jeg Studerer

Means “I Study” in Danish.  This is a testament to the fact that I do indeed study (sometimes) in Copenhagen.  This week in particular is pretty academic because it is one of two weeks of classes sandwiched between the first and second study breaks.

Every student in Danish Language and Culture class, myself included, has an oral exam on Thursday.  This is one example of how we have been studying.


Christopher is a Danish singer whose music is often played at our gym.  The rest of the conversation you’ll just have to translate yourself, if you’re that aggressively curious.

I also have an Environmental Economics exam on Thursday and a quiz in Sustainable Development.  While studying for these classes has been a little more straightforward, my friends and I always make sure we create a nice hyggeligt (Danish for comfortable and cozy) environment to make doing any work at all feel less laborious.  Obsessively checking the weather for Portugal, where I will be staying on a beach all next week, also helps motivate my studying.  It will be in the 50s/60s instead of the 20s/30s of Copenhagen.


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