Vamos a la Playa

Okay, I know that’s Spanish, but you get the point.  I’M IN PORTUGAL! One of the things that sets DIS apart from other study abroad programs is the amount of vacation time.  We get three full weeks off from classes for travel; one week with your core course (which for me, was two weeks ago in Amsterdam) and two for individual travel.  BUT because planning trips with your friends is stressful/expensive/time-consuming/potentially dramatic, I would highly recommend one of the DIS adventure trips.

I am currently in Ericeira, Portugal, a costal town North of Lisbon with the Portugal: Surf the Atlantic trip.  The surf lodge is beautiful, the staff is wonderful, and I have already stood up multiple times on my surfboard!  (I have never touched a surfboard before yesterday, I swear).  Our schedule is pretty intense with two-a-day surf lessons, yoga, and delicious meals.  Although my sore muscles are saying otherwise, I have enjoyed every second of the past two days.  It was pouring rain this morning as we were surfing, but we all agreed that the rain just made us feel more badass.  Toward the end of today’s lesson, the sun evendecided to grace us with its presence! My cheeks are pink.  This is a big deal after 2.5 months in Scandinavia.





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