Being a bad tourist

I was lucky enough to have my parents visit me in Copenhagen last week.  We visited places I have been hearing about all semester and ate at restaurants I have walked past and never entered.  Over the course of the week, I realized something important: when you study abroad in a city you are NOT a tourist.  In fact, I’m downright bad at being a tourist in Copenhagen.  My parents kept asking me which bus line to take to their hotel,  what days the Castle or museum is open, and should they get a Copenhagen card?  (All questions to which I had no answer.)

Being slightly clueless actually made me happy! I can say with confidence that I know about the language (a little..), culture, history, of Copenhagen.  I  know to bring flowers too the hostess when invited over for a meal, I know where to buy the cheapest coffee and best falafel in the city, and I know that’s it’s mandatory to make eye-contact when cheersing with Danes.  It was exciting to see the difference between my observations after three months in Copenhagen and my parents’ observations after three days.

Although I wasn’t a pro tourist, my parents and I did manage to make it to Roskilde, Kronborg Castle (Hamlet’s Castle), and the newest Copenhagen tourist attraction, The Blue Planet.  We saw Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Theater, walked around Stroget,  went through the Black Diamond, and generally enjoyed being outside in what was hands down the best week of weather I have experienced in Denmark so far.

Here are some pictures of my week with my parents:

Kronborg Castle


The Blue Planet! (Copenhagen’s new aquarium)





Royal Library


Royal Theater



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