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DIS Spring Semester Packing List

This is a post I have been planning to write all semester: a list for future DIS students of what to bring to Copenhagen.  Disclaimer- this post will be mostly applicable to females studying at DIS or in Copenhagen for the Spring Semester. PACK: 1.  A knee-length, black, WARM winter coat. Shoutout to my mother […]

Without a Doubt the Best Spring Break I’ll Ever Have

I got home last night from an 8 day trip to Istanbul, Zagreb, and Dubrovnik.   I really enjoyed all three cities and while I would love to tell every hilarious story and amazing detail of the trip, I don’t have time to write a novel.  Instead, I’ll tell you about my experience getting a […]

General Life Updates

  I went to a Nik & Jay concert.  If you don’t know who they are, check out my previous post.  The bartender at Vega (a really cool concert venue in Copenhagen) actually asked us why we were at the concert because we were clearly not Danish.  Maybe 70% of the songs they sang were in […]

Being a bad tourist

I was lucky enough to have my parents visit me in Copenhagen last week.  We visited places I have been hearing about all semester and ate at restaurants I have walked past and never entered.  Over the course of the week, I realized something important: when you study abroad in a city you are NOT […]

Proof, Part 2

Before coming abroad, I posted photo evidence of my ability to fit all of my belongings into two suitcases. Three months later, I am posting proof of me surfing after spending a week in Portugal. Conclusion: studying abroad makes you a cooler person. . 

Vamos a la Playa

Okay, I know that’s Spanish, but you get the point.  I’M IN PORTUGAL! One of the things that sets DIS apart from other study abroad programs is the amount of vacation time.  We get three full weeks off from classes for travel; one week with your core course (which for me, was two weeks ago […]

Jeg Studerer

Means “I Study” in Danish.  This is a testament to the fact that I do indeed study (sometimes) in Copenhagen.  This week in particular is pretty academic because it is one of two weeks of classes sandwiched between the first and second study breaks. Every student in Danish Language and Culture class, myself included, has an […]