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DIS Spring Semester Packing List

This is a post I have been planning to write all semester: a list for future DIS students of what to bring to Copenhagen.  Disclaimer- this post will be mostly applicable to females studying at DIS or in Copenhagen for the Spring Semester. PACK: 1.  A knee-length, black, WARM winter coat. Shoutout to my mother […]

General Life Updates

  I went to a Nik & Jay concert.  If you don’t know who they are, check out my previous post.  The bartender at Vega (a really cool concert venue in Copenhagen) actually asked us why we were at the concert because we were clearly not Danish.  Maybe 70% of the songs they sang were in […]

Being a bad tourist

I was lucky enough to have my parents visit me in Copenhagen last week.  We visited places I have been hearing about all semester and ate at restaurants I have walked past and never entered.  Over the course of the week, I realized something important: when you study abroad in a city you are NOT […]

Jeg Studerer

Means “I Study” in Danish.  This is a testament to the fact that I do indeed study (sometimes) in Copenhagen.  This week in particular is pretty academic because it is one of two weeks of classes sandwiched between the first and second study breaks. Every student in Danish Language and Culture class, myself included, has an […]

Long Study Tour Recap

After a long, exhausting, but amazing week in Rotterdam and Amsterdam with my European Sustainable Development class, and a weekend in Brussels with friends, I am so glad to be back and hyggeligt in Copenhagen.  Here are some memorable moments from the past week!  (p.s. My iphone was unfortunately stolen in Brussels and most of […]

Following the Danes

Yesterday, I was sitting on the S tog en route to my visiting family’s house for lunch when an announcement was made over the speakers.  I didn’t think much of it, partly because the announcement was in Danish, and partly because I was absorbed in Mercy, the novel I’m currently reading for Scandinavian Crime Fiction. […]

“When the weather gets better…”

“In the summertime…” “When it warms up…” Any spring student studying in Copenhagen can verify that Danish people LOVE to start sentences with some variation of the above quotes.  My visiting family mother has said it when talking about a cute village she wanted to show me.  Tour guides always say it when pointing out […]