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Jeg Studerer

Means “I Study” in Danish.  This is a testament to the fact that I do indeed study (sometimes) in Copenhagen.  This week in particular is pretty academic because it is one of two weeks of classes sandwiched between the first and second study breaks. Every student in Danish Language and Culture class, myself included, has an […]

Long Study Tour Recap

After a long, exhausting, but amazing week in Rotterdam and Amsterdam with my European Sustainable Development class, and a weekend in Brussels with friends, I am so glad to be back and hyggeligt in Copenhagen.  Here are some memorable moments from the past week!  (p.s. My iphone was unfortunately stolen in Brussels and most of […]

Danish Language and Culture

If you are a prospective or future DIS student wondering whether or not it is worth taking the “Danish Language and Culture” course that DIS offers, watch this video. My favorite part of the course is the Danish music videos that my professor shows us to start each class.  This was today’s video.  If this […]

Short Study Tour Recap

In a word, my short study tour was cheesy.  Literally.  We visited both an organic dairy and a cave where cheese is stored and had numerous samples at both locations. Thursday morning at 6:20am, my core class, European Sustainable Development, left Copenhagen on a bus headed to Western Denmark.  The overall experience was amazing and […]


Tonight I attended a lecture titled “Copenhagenization.”  It was the first of five Climate Seminars that DIS holds at Studenterhuset (the student union), which is conveniently located around the corner from my house.   The speaker was Mikael Colville-Andersen, founder of Copenhagenize Design Co.  This idea of Copenhagenization involves urban planning, psychology, and sustainability all […]