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Following the Danes

Yesterday, I was sitting on the S tog en route to my visiting family’s house for lunch when an announcement was made over the speakers.  I didn’t think much of it, partly because the announcement was in Danish, and partly because I was absorbed in Mercy, the novel I’m currently reading for Scandinavian Crime Fiction. […]

“When the weather gets better…”

“In the summertime…” “When it warms up…” Any spring student studying in Copenhagen can verify that Danish people LOVE to start sentences with some variation of the above quotes.  My visiting family mother has said it when talking about a cute village she wanted to show me.  Tour guides always say it when pointing out […]

Language Barrier

Denmark is a wonderful place to study abroad because although Danish is a difficult language, nearly everyone here speaks English.  Linda, my visiting family mom, explained to me that Danish children are required to learn English for a number of years in school.  It is not unique for a European country to have a mandatory […]


I can honestly say I haven’t yet had one meal at a restaurant that wasn’t paid for by DIS. Living in a beautiful house with a full kitchen (that is actually kept remarkably clean) and sharing it with 8 other girls who are constantly making delicious and healthy food makes it very easy to eat […]