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DIS Spring Semester Packing List

This is a post I have been planning to write all semester: a list for future DIS students of what to bring to Copenhagen.  Disclaimer- this post will be mostly applicable to females studying at DIS or in Copenhagen for the Spring Semester. PACK: 1.  A knee-length, black, WARM winter coat. Shoutout to my mother […]

General Life Updates

  I went to a Nik & Jay concert.  If you don’t know who they are, check out my previous post.  The bartender at Vega (a really cool concert venue in Copenhagen) actually asked us why we were at the concert because we were clearly not Danish.  Maybe 70% of the songs they sang were in […]

Following the Danes

Yesterday, I was sitting on the S tog en route to my visiting family’s house for lunch when an announcement was made over the speakers.  I didn’t think much of it, partly because the announcement was in Danish, and partly because I was absorbed in Mercy, the novel I’m currently reading for Scandinavian Crime Fiction. […]

Watching the Queen

No, not the Queen of Denmark….Beyonce. I’ll admit, I didn’t stay up to watch the Super Bowl.  It started here at 12:30 am.  If the Eagles or even the Redskins had been involved, I would have pulled an all-nighter.  Instead I was asleep before kickoff. My roommates and I had class at 8:30am the next […]


I can honestly say I haven’t yet had one meal at a restaurant that wasn’t paid for by DIS. Living in a beautiful house with a full kitchen (that is actually kept remarkably clean) and sharing it with 8 other girls who are constantly making delicious and healthy food makes it very easy to eat […]

Gotta get down on Friday

I finally bought a pair of legitimately warm boots.  I can feel my toes for the first time since arriving in Copenhagen.  I wanted to get a pair of Danish looking boots sooo I might have bought the same exact ones my European Sustainable Development professor wears on the reg… I went to Christiania yesterday […]